Originally published April 23, 2018, by Greg Westbrook for Water & Wastes Digest:

“The system also utilizes pretreatment equalization and a pH adjustment system, using a small amount of coagulant and no cationic polymers, at the front end of the system to enhance flocculation and settling in the tank. The total cost per year of the optimized coagulant and the cleaning chemical for the client is $10,000 per year for the same volume of 30,000 gpd.

All of the above combines to achieve the effluent performance shown in Table 2.

Sensible Solids

The solids collected at the back end of the process offer the client another cost savings option as well. The material is excellent feedstock for anaerobic digesters due to high levels of digestibility and methane potential. To assist the customer, seven anaerobic digesters within 50 miles of the new plant have been identified and are being approached with the potential to further reduce disposal costs.

As this dairy producer’s manufacturing space expanded, the amount of product going out the door also expanded. As for the common cost structure increases, expansion was not on the books…”

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