Altstadt Brewery

Taking Brewery Wastewater Treatment into the 21st century

The First Physical-Chemical Brewery Wastewater Treatment System in Texas


Altstadt Brewery, a 30 BBL rural brewery in the heart of Fredericksburg, Texas approached ClearCove in 2015 to treat its wastewater.

The brewery needed to effectively clean its wastewater to meet TCEQ permit requirements for water reuse and land application; while allowing for additional capacity to accommodate future growth—all within a small footprint. The customer was also looking for a rural-friendly solution, which means no lagoons and leach fields that use up valuable acreage and create odor issues.


ClearCove’s patented ClearCapture® system enabled the brewery to meet all its goals and more. The installation, which can process up to 30,000 GPD within a 1000 square foot space, represented the first physical-chemical brewery wastewater treatment system in Texas. Zero biology enables the brewery to deal with variable waste streams and production schedules, ensuring the system functions consistently.


The customer is delighted with the results. They are now able to recover over 90% of their wastewater for reuse purposes (mainly irrigation), alongside having the option to deliver the captured solids to an anaerobic digester for electricity production. Moreover their low operating costs have eliminated the need for a full-time operator.

“ClearCove’s innovative, biology-free technology is the easiest-to- operate wastewater treatment system I’ve seen in a brewery. This makes my life easier, allowing us to focus on brewing great beer as opposed to dealing with wastewater issues.”

Peter Koestler | Altstadt Brewmaster

Genesee Brewing Company

ClearCapture® P1250 Product Activation: Brewery Wastewater Treatment

Project Test Result Highlights

Total flow or point-source treatment options (provides flexibility)

Demonstrated significant organics removal capabilities of 85-95% on brewery effluent

Return on investment in under three years

Equipment leasing options (reduces capital investment)

Enables significant surcharge cost reduction

Zero biology saves time and money