Dairy, Winery, Brewery & Other Wastewater Treatment Proof Points

In addition to the Company’s full-scale installations, with a customer count in the double digits, ClearCove’s patented wastewater treatment technology leadership has also been validated across 30+ project studies and industrial applications. The results are trailblazing.

The ClearCapture® product series is the global leader in the removal of insoluble organics and inorganics from wastewater. The company’s innovative, biology-free technology enables its industrial clients to realize significant savings in terms of energy, money and time. Regulatory compliance is assured. And in those instances where the company’s Food and Beverage clients have access to an anaerobic digester, the harvested organics provide energy production opportunities above and beyond conventional technologies. Across water-strained geographies, over 90% of water can be recovered for reuse. Moreover, all of this can be achieved with the most competitive ROI in the marketplace today.

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