Biogas has become a major factor in today’s search for renewable fuel sources. At ClearCove we have developed technology which harnesses one of these fuel sources from a resource that happens to be in almost every community, a wastewater treatment plant.

As biogas or methane production becomes more mainstream, wastewater treatment plants have the potential to become the next green revolution. Yes, the place you least wanted to visit in your community, is a collection point for a potent fuel. This sludge or biomass is the “oil” of tomorrow.

These bars represent over 16,000 wastewater treatment plants. Notice the bars shaded green; these represent facilities with anaerobic digesters, a critical component used in producing gas. An important note, all solid waste from facilities without anaerobic digesters still has to be disposed of. Often this means energy is being spent to send energy to a landfill. ClearCove’s Harvester™ solution supports an economical solution for these types of facilities to capture and utilize this renewable fuel.