Aside from our wholehearted commitment to technological and environmental leadership, at our core we are inherently sustainable as a Company.

Community plays a major role on the sustainability front. And we are very proud of our status as a Start-Up NY success story; as a collective born out of RIT Venture Creations; and as a group of people committed to playing a part in the ongoing revitalization of the Greater Rochester (NY) Region, which stands out on a number of fronts; fronts which speak to the heart of ClearCove (which exists at the Water-Energy-Food nexus), and represent compelling reasons to support our belief that Rochester will rise again.

– Access to Fresh Water: 7% of the World’s fresh water supply exists within the region. We literally have millions of gallons per day in excess capacity.
– Plenty of Land: The Greater Rochester Region offers 1.5 million acres of farmland.
-Ideal Geographic Location: nearly 120 million people live within 500 miles of the region, which means a speedy route from farm to fridge!
-Access to Expertise: there are some serious sustainability and agricultural brains in the area. From a highly skilled workforce to R&D resources at Cornell and RIT, alongside a deep pool of Intellectual Property, great things are possible!
-Last, but not least, this is a beautiful place to live; free of the hassles of big cities, it offers a real and accessible opportunity to live a good quality of life–something which is sadly becoming scarcer in today’s world.

It is no coincidence that the growth rate of Millennials moving into the region is greater than any other Metropolitan area (with populations greater than one million) in the United States today.

Quite simply, Rochester Rocks!