Wastewater Energy Technology Leadership

ClearCove’s technology leadership lies in its ability to remove insoluble organics and inorganics from wastewater more effectively and efficiently than any other technology in the world today.

This results in the recovery of more water for reuse (over 90% for Food & Beverage producers) alongside the delivery of higher quality sludge, which when fed into anaerobic digesters creates a greater opportunity for energy production.


50% less energy consumption.

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The Benefit of No Biology

Less cost, less energy & less hassle

ClearCapture®’s key point of competitive (technological) advantage resides in it using little-to-no biology.

Biological processes typically necessitate the management of problematic microorganisms or bugs. Anyone that has been involved in biological wastewater operations will attest to the problems they have experienced in the management of bugs.

Biological wastewater processes are energy intensive, operationally challenging and highly volatile. By removing the biology from wastewater operations, Food and Beverage producers can realize considerable financial and energy savings. Moreover, they can spare themselves the hassle of dealing with troublesome bugs, which enables them to do what they do best: produce Food and Beverage offerings.

Solving a Global Sustainability Crisis

With one foot stubbornly rooted in Roman times, the wastewater treatment industry has been deprived of innovation and investment for the last half century. Wastewater treatment plant infrastructures are crumbling, which alongside rapidly rising energy consumption is exacerbating a problem that has reached a point of crisis.

According to the Electric Power Research Institute, wastewater treatment plants currently account for up to 2% of energy consumed in the United States.

Clearly this situation is unsustainable. The wastewater treatment industry is in dire need of transformation.

The “Domino” Effect

The impact of not addressing this problem head on has far-reaching tentacles. Other industries, notably the Food and Beverage world, are beginning to feel the economic impact from years of wastewater management neglect. Food and Beverage producers, from breweries through dairies, are incurring hefty surcharges for the disposal of their industrial wastewater. These charges, in tandem with an increasingly challenging regulatory environment, are rendering financial stability an ever more difficult hurdle to overcome.

ClearCove’s industry-leading, patented technology enables industrial manufacturers to eliminate high concentrations of organics from wastewater prior to being discharged into public sewer systems or other secondary methods of treatment. This in turn means a significant reduction or elimination of Municipal surcharges. Furthermore, the technology enables over 90% water recovery for reuse.

Why Wastewater Energy Technology?

Wastewater energy technology is a dispatchable (or base load) renewable energy source. This means it is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year regardless of climatic conditions. Hence it can be deployed on demand, providing a greater level of flexibility for grid operators and energy users. And the biogas generated from the digestion of wastewater organics can be easily stored and utilized when it is needed.

Conversely, solar and wind energy fall under the category of variable renewable energy (VRE) or non-dispatchable energy sources. VRE sources fluctuate in their output. This fluctuation is due to their dependence on available sunlight and weather conditions. This climatic dependence limits their application to specific locations and geographies to ensure their economic feasibility.

How ClearCove’s Technology Helps Food & Beverage Producers

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How ClearCove Technology Compares to DAF

CLEARCAPTURE® delivers where Dissolved Air Flotation disappoints

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