Proprietary Sludge Treatment Process

SludgePower is ClearCove’s proprietary sludge treatment (cleaning and enhancement) process, and a critical component in the delivery of ClearCove’s energy production and reduction leadership.

Why is Sludge Treatment Important?

Trash and grit can cause operational and maintenance problems for anaerobic digesters; the cleaning of which can represent a large expense to plant operators. Many conventional technologies do not incorporate this important functionality.

Fortunately for our customers, SludgePower does.




What Does SludgePower Do?

  • Removes trash, grit, plastics and other inorganics from the sludge prior to anaerobic digestion. This in turn reduces anaerobic digester operational and maintenance costs
  • Releases encased organics to increase sludge organic concentration by 80-90% and enable increased biogas generation
  • Dewaters trash and grit solids cake to approximately 30-40% for disposal, reducing solids disposal costs and storage
  • Replaces other processes, such as DAF


How Does it Work?

  • The sludge enters through the center of a perforated circular screen, flowing horizontally
  • The solids greater than the size of the screen openings remain inside the screen. An auger rotates to clear the openings of the screen and form a solids cake of 30-40% of solids for disposal
  • The conditioned liquid sludge flows through the screen and moves on to the anaerobic digester for renewable energy generation

Sludge Treatment System