ClearCove’s Harvester™ technology captures over double the organics compared to conventional technologies.

ClearCove’s Harvester™ is the most effective sewage treatment technology in the market today. It diverts carbon to anaerobic digestion and away from the energy-intensive secondary treatment process, which significantly increases plant energy generation and reduces energy consumption.

Innovation for the Greater Good—Our Flagship Sewage Treatment Product

A powerfully integrated single solution for sewage treatment, the ClearCove Harvester™ technology is a fully-automated, complete headworks and primary treatment solution which combines primary clarification, flow equalization, fine screening, grit removal, fiber removal, FOG removal and floatables removal into a single process. The patented technology can be installed as a new build or retrofit solution.

Our patented technology is producing industry-leading results:

  • Energy Generation: up to 300% increase in biogas production from the renewable organics harvested by ClearCove versus the current process
  • Energy Reduction:   50+% reduction in energy used in the process
  • Capital Costs Impact: up to 40% lower CAPEX using ClearCove versus current technology
  • Regulatory compliance: assured along with automation, reliability and cleaner water
  • Improved Capacity: ClearCove’s solution can double capacity within the same footprint
  • Greener: reduces millions of tons of CO2

Sewage Treatment System, The Harvester



Please click on the diagram below for an animated explanation on how the Harvester™ functions.