Municipal 360

360 Degrees of Expertise

The path toward resource recovery is complex. Requirements for success are considerable in both their scope and the levels of expertise needed to ensure common pitfalls are avoided: adaptation is required for new technologies; partnerships need to be formed; testing and analysis is required; there is a need to engage with local industry; outputs have to be carefully managed, and cooperation with regulatory bodies requires close attention. The list goes on.

This can be daunting, time-consuming and expensive. This is where ClearCove can help.

ClearCove’s holistic Municipal offerings stretch beyond technological solutions and systems. Our team of industry experts will also help you navigate the challenges inherent in the Municipal wastewater treatment world.

Municipal 360 encompasses the following:

  • Implementation of enhanced primary treatment and carbon diversion technologies, both new-build and custom retrofit design
  • Co-digestion substrate sourcing and analysis
  • Pilot testing to establish the effectiveness of new and complementary technologies
  • Economic and energy impact analysis
  • Private industry engagement
  • Regulatory engagement
  • Output and residuals management planning