Environmental Transformation

Catalyzing a Sustainable Planet

Conventional primary treatment solutions only capture c. 30% of the organics. This means the majority of organics move on to the secondary treatment process, where an immense amount of energy is consumed to reduce their energy-production value. The Harvester™ technology provides enhanced capture of these organics and solids, to provide myriad benefits to the facility, including:

 Key Benefits:

  • Increased methane generation, up to 250-300%
  • Reduced aeration energy consumption, up to 50+%
  • Increased secondary capacity, up to 100%
  • Controlled phosphorous removal, up to 90%
  • Equalization of flow and organics to downstream processes
  • Improved secondary treatment efficiency and sizing
  • Reduced facility O&M
  • Reliable, automated operation
  • Real-time monitoring of flow, organics and solids
  • Significant Greenhouse Gas reduction opportunity


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