The ClearCapture® product series, from ClearCove, is breaking new ground in an antiquated wastewater treatment world. Industrial producers have been forced to wait years for a truly cost-effective Food and Beverage wastewater treatment system that is easy to install, operate and delivers on its promise.

Groundbreaking Food and Beverage Wastewater Treatment Technology

ClearCapture®’s product line is tailor-made for Food and Beverage producers with a critical need to eliminate high concentrations of organics from wastewater prior to being discharged into public sewer systems or other secondary methods of treatment. The system is fully automated, and due to a unique physical/chemical process, which significantly reduces or eliminates the need for biology, is hassle-free. This enables manufacturers to focus on what they do best: from brewing beer and making wine to processing milk or cheese.

ClearCove’s patented technology separates the organics, and reduces BOD and TSS to the lowest permit impact levels. And it does this more effectively and efficiently than any other technology in the world today.

Enabling Membrane Performance: a Catalyst for Membrane Technology

Conventional wastewater treatment systems have enjoyed minimal success in cleaning wastewater ahead of it being sent to membrane technologies. This typically results in the fouling of membrane filters, which in turn means greater energy consumption alongside additional cost, labor and production downtime for its unfortunate users.

The ClearCapture® product series has eliminated these challenges, serving as a “catalyst” for membrane technology, and enabling membranes to function at previously unseen levels of performance.

Combined with membranes, the ClearCapture® technology can produce clean, potable (drinking) water more effectively than any other offering in the marketplace. This is especially important in areas with strained water supplies, such as California, Texas and New Mexico.

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