Industrial Wastewater Treatment Technology

The ClearCapture™ product series, which comprises the P1250, F1250 and S100, is the industry-leading wastewater treatment technology for Food and Beverage producers, from dairies and breweries through wineries and food processors. Its efficient and effective design eliminates the need for blowers, mixers, DAF, ballasting, skimmers and problematic biology.

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Industry-leading Solutions

The ClearCapture™ product series is leading the charge on a number of key performance fronts, resulting in transformative benefits for industrial wastewater treatment operations. Below are a few key areas highlighting ClearCove’s wastewater treatment technology leadership:

  • Up to 98% BOD removal
  • Up to 100% TSS removal
  • Up to 90% water recovery for reuse
  • 99% coliform removal
  • Over 99% COD removal
  • Modular (and skid-mounted) for ease of installation and movement
  • Easy to operate
  • Removal of other organics, e.g., phosphorous
  • Compact footprint: the most space-efficient offering in the market today
  • Capex is 25% lower than conventional wastewater treatment technology
  • Opex is up to 50% lower versus conventional technologies (due to a highly automated system)
  • Consumes up to 40% less energy when compared to other technologies


The Benefit of No Biology

ClearCapture’s key point of competitive (technological) advantage resides in it being free of biology. Biological processes typically necessitate the management of problematic microorganisms or bugs. Anyone that has been involved in biological wastewater operations will attest to the problems they have experienced in the management of bugs. Biological wastewater processes are energy intensive, operationally challenging and highly volatile. By removing the biology from wastewater operations, Food and Beverage producers can realize considerable financial and energy savings. Moreover, they can spare themselves the hassle of dealing with troublesome bugs, which enables them to do what they do best: produce Food and Beverage offerings.


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ClearCapture Wastewater Treatment Technology


ClearCapture Wastewater Treatment Technology Tank


ClearCapture Wastewater Treatment Technology Control System