Case Studies

Dairy, Winery and Brewery Wastewater Treatment Proof Points  

ClearCove’s patented wastewater treatment technology leadership has been validated across 25+ pilot studies and industrial applications. The results are trailblazing. The ClearCapture™ product series is the global leader in the removal of insoluble organics and inorganics from wastewater. The Company’s innovative, biology-free technology enables its industrial clients to realize significant savings in terms of energy, money and time. Regulatory compliance is assured. And in those instances where the Company’s Food and Beverage clients have access to an anaerobic digester, the harvested organics provide energy production opportunities above and beyond conventional technologies. Across water-strained geographies, up to 90% of water can be recovered for reuse. Moreover, all of this can be achieved with the most competitive ROI in the marketplace today.

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Genesee Brewing Company

ClearCapture™ P1250 Product Activation: Brewery Wastewater Treatment Pilot Test Results 


  • Total flow or point-source treatment options (provides flexibility)
  • Demonstrated significant organics removal capabilities of 85-95% on brewery effluent
  • Return on investment in under three years
  • Equipment leasing options (reduces capital investment)
  • Enables significant surcharge cost reduction
  • Zero biology saves time and money

Brewery Wastewater Treatment

Dairy (Cheese) Processing Client

ClearCapture™ P1250 Product Activation: Dairy Wastewater Treatment Pilot Test Results


  • Effluent water meets potable water standards
  • Pretreatment removes nearly all TSS and FOG
  • Enables membrane technology
  • Zero biology
  • Solids capture reactor controls the carbon
  • Highly automated with remote management

Dairy Wastewater Treatment

Three Brothers Wineries & Estates

ClearCapture™ P1250 Product Activation: Winery Wastewater Treatment Pilot Test Results


  • Small footprint
  • Water Reuse
  • Land can be used for revenue generating activity versus leach field expansion
  • Return on investment in under three years
  • Septic and leach beds capacity significantly increases on certain/smaller footprints
  • Reduce lagoon requirements
  • Removes 99% of organics, solids, pathogens
  • Regulatory compliance

Winery Wastewater Treatment