Innovative “White Knight” Wastewater Treatment Technology

We’ll remove the hassle and cost associated with the treatment of your wastewater.

Why Clearcove?

Biology-free Technology

Enables Significant Water Reuse Opportunities

Over 90% water recovery for reuse.

Maximizes Membrane Performance

Eliminates fouling, reduces energy consumption and operational hassle.

Creates an Industry-leading Opportunity

For Energy production from Captured Organics, maximizing anaerobic digester energy output.

Reduces & Eliminates Costly Sewer Surcharges

Highly Automated

Requires minimal operator participation.

Can be Remotely Operated and Monitored

Modular Expansion for Increased Capacity

When needed.

Reduces Risk of Discharge Violations and Fines

Significant Reduction in Operating Expenses

With our patented physical process, ClearCove’s operating costs are significantly lower – up to 50% – when compared to competitive technologies.

The Benefit of No Biology

Less Cost, less energy & less hassle

ClearCapture®’s key point of competitive (technological) advantage resides in it using little-to-no biology.

Biological processes typically necessitate the management of problematic microorganisms or bugs. Anyone that has been involved in biological wastewater operations will attest to the problems they have experienced in the management of bugs.

Biological wastewater processes are energy intensive, operationally challenging and highly volatile. By removing the biology from wastewater operations, Food and Beverage producers can realize considerable financial and energy savings. Moreover, they can spare themselves the hassle of dealing with troublesome bugs, which enables them to do what they do best: produce Food and Beverage offerings.

Customers Embrace Biology-Free Technology

We remove the pain from wastewater treatment.

Customers tell us our automated equipment is superior to the myriad biologically intensive wastewater treatment systems. In fact, they liken it to other machinery in their manufacturing facilities as it doesn’t require constant attention and maintenance.

“ClearCove’s innovative, biology-free technology is the easiest-to-operate wastewater treatment system I’ve seen in a brewery. This makes my life easier, allowing us to focus on brewing great beer as opposed to dealing with wastewater issues.”
— Peter Koestler, Altstadt Brewmaster

“Our ClearCapture® system uses about as much energy as a light bulb left on in a house for 24-hours per day.”

Greg Westbrook | CEO & President

Payment Models to Best Suit Your Needs

From equipment sale to leasing models

We provide you, our valued customers, different payment models that best meet your needs. Whether you are looking to buy our technology outright, via a standard purchase of equipment model, or are looking to minimize your CAPEX, we can provide solutions accordingly.

No CAPEX Required

Flexible payment, licensing and leasing programs

Wastewater treatment can be both capital and labor intensive. Mindful of these pain points, ClearCove provides flexible payment options to take the financial pain and hassle out of your wastewater treatment equation.

Due to our technology’s water and energy recovery effectiveness, you’ll also benefit from the most competitive lifecycle payback in the wastewater treatment industry. And in instances where the customer has access to an anaerobic digester, the ROI is even greater.

Design, Build & License Options

We’ll design, build and license the technology. This means no significant up-front capital investment is required. This also means you get to focus on what you do best—run your core operations versus having to deal with the daily demands of operating a wastewater treatment plant.

Benefit from our disruptive technology

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A “Robot” Versus a “Human Digestive System”

ClearCove’s patented physical-chemical process leverages physics alongside small amounts of chemistry, to enable the use of physical membranes and other secondary treatment processes to clean wastewater.

Scalable from 5,000 GPD to 1 Million+ GPD

The system is highly scalable, and through the addition of extra tanks, can process over 1,000,000 gallons per day of (food & beverage) process wastewater.

The Most Space-Efficient Wastewater Treatment Technology in the Market

ClearCapture®’s automated system includes a stainless steel tank, which utilizes about 100 square feet and processes up to 60,000 gallons of wastewater per day within this footprint.