Our Planet is at a Critical Juncture

If our population reaches 8.2 billion people, as estimated by 2030, we will need:







Tackling a Global Challenge through Wastewater Energy

Water is needed for energy. Energy is needed for water.
Both water and energy are required for food.

Through its patented wastewater energy technology, ClearCove is uniquely positioned to address the myriad challenges presented by the water-energy-food nexus. And this challenge serves as the inspiration behind our vision to:

Sustain our planet’s resources through wastewater energy technology.

Our Behavioral Imperatives

Our core values define the way we consciously choose to embark on our work and interact with our colleagues, partners and clients.

An Altruistic Spirit

A Complete Commitment to the Greater Good

Every organization’s success lies in the strength of the collective. Everything we do as individuals and collectively as an organization is focused toward making things better; from benefiting the environment and the communities in which we operate, through helping those we work with.

Be Candid. Be Challenging.

Challenge the Status Quo

We are a disruptive Company in an antiquated industry. Challenging the status quo is at the core of who we are. Be honest, with others and yourself. We welcome diversity. And we welcome different perspectives and ideas.

Freedom through Resourcefulness

An “Intrapreneur” within an Entrepreneurial Culture

An “intrapreneur” is defined as someone who has the mindset of an entrepreneur within the organization they work for. We strive to be creative, resourceful and disciplined. We are not afraid to fail. This mindset facilitates growth, new ideas and opportunities.

The Strength of Diversity

Embracing Individuality

By harnessing our diverse skillsets, talents and backgrounds, we will maximize our opportunity for success. The most successful teams in the world understand and embrace this philosophy. And so do we. We may be different, but we are all equal to one another.

A Good-Hearted Sense of Humor

Have fun, but not at the expense of others

Work must be fun! And a big part of that is having a good sense of humor. Laughing at ourselves is healthy. It is important to be playful, but it is more important to be kind.