Advisory Board

James Fralick

Jim’s successful career spans more than 30 years in business and economics.

Beginning in 1973, he worked as a Senior Economist for the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. Ten years later, he joined Morgan Stanley, where he held multiple positions, including Chief Money Market Economist. He retired while at Morgan Stanley as Principal and Director of European Economic Research. During his time in London, Jim was responsible for managing nine professional international economists, and was ranked by 500 leading money managers as #1 or #2 for his European and international economics research.

He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Economics from Syracuse University, where he also served as a Professor of Economics at the Maxwell School from 1998 until 2004. In subsequent years, Jim has been actively involved with numerous environmental organizations, including Land Trusts and Watershed Alliances.

Lisa Gansky

Lisa is a relentless instigator, serial entrepreneur, best selling author, TED speaker, podcast host, international keynote speaker, investor and business strategist with deep expertise in the creation of new business categories, models and innovation development platforms, practices and teams.

Gansky has completed a second book to be published late 2017 called, Radical Trust. How blockchain liberates our next economy. Her first book, The Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing laid out the framework for and import of what we now call the Sharing Economy. Called the most prescient person he’s ever met, by Seth Godin, Lisa has made a career by ‘seeing around corners’.

She was co-founder and CEO of the first commercial website, sold to AOL and the first digital photo sharing service, sold to Kodak. Today, Gansky is the founder and Chief Instigator of Mesh Ventures and Instigating + Co. She has been a strategic adviser and consultant to Apple, Barclays, BBVA, Fujitsu, GE, Google, Guardian Life, Mozilla, Statoil and Swisscom. Mesh Ventures is dedicated to working on business and societal transformation in partnership with corporations.

Lisa speaks, writes, invests and consults on the topics of business model innovation, creating a culture and strategies for innovation, trust, blockchain and unleashing entrepreneurship and the fiction of digital transformation. Lisa is an advisor and investor in: 11FS, Breather, ClearCove, Everledger, Fabl, Feastly, La Ruche Qui Di Oui, Honest Buildings, Munchery, Muse AI, Neighborly, Science Exchange, Solar Mosaic, TaskRabbit, Traity, Tripping, Turo and Yerdle.

James Hotchkies

Jim has more than 25 years of experience in the water industry. He is Managing Director of JWH Consulting GmbH, a Swiss-based firm that provides consulting and advisory support to businesses and organizations in the water industry.

He is also Managing Director of Ostara Europe GmbH; Head of International Business Development for the Commercial Water Division of LG Electronics; a water sector advisor for the Global Business Sustainability Network; and is on the Advisory Boards for the Pictet Water Fund and Emefcy Bio—Energy Systems.

Jim has held a number of senior management positions in the water, environmental technology and steel sectors, including: Vice President of Toray Membrane Europe AG; Senior Vice President—EMEA with ZENON Environmental; Managing Director of Pyxis Systems Group; Director of the Sheridan Environmental Technology Institute; and Manager of Market Development Engineering at the Algoma Steel Corporation.

Dr. Rick Schwerdtfeger

Rick’s 25-year career began as a hands-on scientist, and culminated in becoming the Co–founder and CTO of a fast-growing, high-tech equipment startup company. His career focus has been on the development and commercialization of energy, semiconductor and smart-grid technologies. He has worked for numerous companies, including: a national laboratory, a 10–person (family-owned) business, a $50 billion multinational conglomerate and a state–level, nonprofit research center. He has performed diverse roles, including: Senior Scientist, Process Development Manager, Group Manager, VP of Engineering, Chief Technology Officer and General Manager.

Rick has lived and worked in three states—Colorado, Ohio and New Hampshire—for five organizations: NREL, Alpha Spectra Inc., Saint–Gobain, EMTEC and ARC Energy.

William Peck

A Connecticut native and a graduate of Purdue University in Industrial Engineering, Bill has served in an executive management capacity for a wide range of industries and companies, including: Eastman Kodak Company, Shape Inc. and Lightchip, Inc. During his time as an executive at Kodak, Bill worked across several divisions, including: photographic film development and manufacturing, magnetic and optical data storage and digital imaging for the entertainment, consumer and medical markets. He has also served as an independent consultant to Kodak, The Owens Group, Jedai Networks Inc. and Cingular Wireless. Currently, Bill is the President of IMC–Metals America LLC, a leading manufacturer of copper anodes for electroplating, and of copper rod for high-performance wire manufacturing.

Anthony Sirco

Anthony served as Chief Financial Officer of Oak Mitsui, a joint venture between Allied Signal and Mitsui Mining & Smelting of Japan which manufactured copper foil used printed circuit boards.  In addition to his responsibilities as CFO, as General Manager, Anthony started Aluminum Bonded Copper which provided extremely thin copper foil for the printed circuit industry.  Anthony is the co-inventor for the patent ‘Metal Foil Composite Structure for Producing Clad Laminate’.  He is the President of Trojan Leisure Products LLC, dba Radiant Pools, a leading manufacturer of insulated above-ground and in-ground swimming pools sold throughout the United States & Canada. Anthony has a degree in Business Administration from Rochester Institute of Technology and an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

James Beaudoin

Jim graduated from St. John Fisher College, in 1983, with a BS in Management. In June of 1983, he entered the family business: Rexford Albany Municipal Supply Company (RAMSCO), a distributor of products serving the municipal water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer industry.

Two additional branch locations were opened in Utica and Rochester, NY, in 1995. RAMSCO acquired Jones Water Supply, a competitor in Binghamton, NY, in June 2009. After RAMSCO was sold to HD Supply Waterworks, Ltd., in 2011, Jim agreed to remain with the company as its New York District Manager. In 2006, Jim entered into a partnership agreement to purchase Trojan Pools of Albany, NY, along with the CFO of RAMSCO, Tony Sirco, and his father, George. Founded in 1956, Trojan Pools was the innovator of the vinyl liner swimming pool kit. The new company, Trojan Leisure Products, LLC, re-branded the product line and is now DBA: Radiant Pools. In 2008, the Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Council and the Business Council of NY named Radiant Pools the Innovative Enterprise of the Year. That same year, the New York Business Development Corp, along with the SBA, bestowed the Business Excellence Award on Radiant Pools. Through extensive sales and marketing efforts, the company has enjoyed double-digit growth annually since its inception, and currently serves more than 250 new dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada.