Our Planet is at a Critical Juncture

The global population is growing apace: by 2030, it is estimated there will be 8.2 billion people on earth.

This means that by 2030, we’ll need:

  • 30% more water
  • 40% more energy
  • 50% more food


Tackling a Global Challenge through Wastewater Energy

Water is needed for energy. Energy is needed for water. And both water and energy are required for food.

Through its patented wastewater energy technology, ClearCove is uniquely positioned to address the myriad challenges presented by the water-energy-food nexus. And this challenge serves as the inspiration behind our vision to:

Sustain our planet’s resources through wastewater energy technology

ClearCove’s Wastewater Energy Technology Leadership

ClearCove’s technology leadership lies in its ability to remove insoluble organics and inorganics from wastewater more effectively and efficiently than any other technology in the world today. This results in the recovery of more water for reuse (up to 90% for industrial producers) alongside the delivery of higher quality sludge, which when fed into anaerobic digesters creates a greater opportunity for energy production. Furthermore, significant Capex and Opex savings can be realized, which means a better ROI for the Company’s client base.

ClearCove’s technology is protected by numerous patents. To date, the Company has been issued five patents and has 31 patents pending, with 10 international filings. Several of those patents are fundamental, from both a process and product standpoint.

The technology adopts a physical-chemical process. It essentially leverages gravity as its driving principle, whereby it is able to stop and control the flow of water. Thereafter, the solids are allowed to settle at the bottom of the tank while water is decanted from the top of the tank through a 50-micron screen. It is simple in its theory, yet profoundly effective in its execution, as validated by the industry-leading results from an energy production, energy savings and economic perspective.

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