ClearCapture™: Food & Beverage Wastewater Treatment

Need to eliminate your surcharges? Our patented ClearCapture product series is the solution.

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The ClearCapture™ Product Series

The ClearCapture™ Product Series


The ClearCapture™ Product Series,

The Harvester™: Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Transform your WWTP into a resource recovery hub and generate revenue for your community.

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Want to “turbocharge” your anaerobic digester for energy generation? SludgePower is the answer.

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ClearCove: Pioneering New Frontiers

How ClearCove is tackling a global challenge through patented wastewater-energy technology.


NYSERDA Validation

Technology leadership validated in a NYSERDA demonstration project at the Ithaca Area Wastewater Treatment Facility.

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